et-sun Solar-Fences© qualify for the REAP program for Agricultural producers and small businesses as described at this website:

SolarFences© power profits in Agriculture


They produce profits in multiple ways: A SolarFence© saves space and valuable ag land, it optimizes power generation for batteries and infrastructure at the farm. It also matches the farm equipment size and width for any crop grown. And if you have a SolarFence©, it outperforms existing systems on roofs, and ground mounts as SolarFences© allow you to take advantage of further potential to generate energy for electric farm equipment like electric tractors for tillage, cultivation and harvesting and diversify your own off grid energy production to run the farms infrastructure no matter the crop or animal diversity.



William Kanitz

President of ScoringAg, ScoringAg-Equipment, Co-Owner of et-sun, Leader in scalable solutions for Agriculture and far beyond. He invented many kinds of equipment that are helpful for operations in the whole food chain, passed away on June 13, 2024. A great loss to us all.


  1. ScoringAg a Full-Chain-Traceability and Archiving System.

  2. mobile Flat Bed Drying Wagon for crop and seed drying.

  3. variations of Hydrocooler-Sanitizer Machines for maintaining the integrity of sanitation.

  4. He also invented several different models of TreeSteamer©.

  5. different variations of TreeTubes© and agriculture nettings for crop protection.

  6. MCF's© Modular Container Facilities© an economic solution for very small and small-size scale farmers, co-op groups and small processors.

  7. his latest invention was

et-sun Vertical Racking System©

for framed and frameless modules