provides solutions for independent power supply

with a new concept of utilizing solar energy

for houses, businesses and agriculture operations

with special developed et-sun RackingSystems© for bifacial Solar Panels

using Batteries to store the energy


3 different SolarFence Systems©

                  are available:


1. movable vertical SolarFence System©

    3 panel structure (by hand)

      click here for specs, description and price  


2. transportable vertical SolarFence System


      click here for specs, description and price  


3. stationary vertical SolarFence System©

    (anchored in ground as shown in About page)


1 and 2 are ideal for property owners and tenants and temporary needed sites


Vertical Solar Fence Benefits


Vertical panels have the least amount of environmental degradation such as:


  • microcracking from UV exposure
  • humidity-freeze
  • damp heat
  • hail impact
  • wind load
  • snow load
  • hot spots
  • soiling


 et-sun Vertical Racking Systems©


are using framed and frameless solar modules and customized components for easy and fast assembling. 

The Systems are optimized for high-wind areas, protecting the panels from strong uplift forces and limiting microcracking by using linear locked crossbeams.

Vertical panels mounted inside the et-sun Vertical Racking Systems© run cooler. Convective air can flow across and along the glass sides which cools the panels faster. This prevents the decline of the power output significantly.